What To Expect

When you arrive for your first appointment with Center Sage Massage you will fill out a quick Health Intake Form. 

While I look it over, we will talk about what your needs and expectations are for the massage.  Once I get an understanding of what the goal is, I will step out and you can undress and climb under the sheet onto the table.  Most people get completely undressed, but please feel free to undress to your own level of comfort.

Once you are on the table, I will step back in and we can start.  Feel free at anytime to ask questions or make a request or observation.  This is your time and I want you to receive the treatment you expect.

Once we have finished, make sure to drink lots of fluids to help remove the toxins released during the massage.  If you have received a Deep Tissue or Injury Treatment Massage I may give you suggestions as to any aftercare you may need.

Remember this is your time.  Make the most of it and always feel free to ask questions or make a request to better enhance your comfort and your experience.