List Of Services

Swedish Massage- The Focus of Swedish Massage is relaxation! This is the massage to bring you to that state of bliss. It will improve your circulation, relieve muscle tension and improve your circulation. Great for stress relief and you'll leave feeling ready to take on the world!

60 minutes- $69     90 min-$89     2 hours- $110

Deep Tissue- This is a deeper, more muscle specific type of treatment. Great for working out those kinks and knots. Great after a hard workout or a few too many hours working at the computer. This practice mixes long and slow strokes with therapeutic moves targeting tight or problem areas. It works out the deeper muscle tissues that are hard to stretch and release tension from. Massage should never hurt, and this treatment is always adapted to the clients preferences. Deep tissue treatment can also be incorporated into a Swedish Massage.

30 min- $45     60 min- $69    90 min- $89

Injury Treatment- This therapeutic massage practice integrates deep tissue with the use of myofascial release, Tender Point and Trigger Point work and other modalities to the injured are as well as the coordinating structures.

60 min-$6990 min- $89

Prenatal Massage- Whether you are only a few weeks along, or coming into the home stretch of the last trimester, Prenatal Massage has benefits. It will help regulate hormones that can be causing morning sickness. It helps to regulate digestion, sleeping cycles, and water retention. It also just makes you feel good! You will receive a lighter pampering massage with more focus to the areas that are giving you some trouble. You will leave without the aches you came in with and that pregnancy glow will really shine!

60 min- $69     90 min- $89    2 hours- $110


Hot Stones- $20

15 Minutes Scalp Massage- $10

15 Minute Foot Massage- $10

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